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Peel Archers
Field archery is one of the most enjoyable forms of archery there is. The health aspects of walking around in a natural bush environment with great company can not be overstated. So no matter what your age the clean air, gentle exercise and good friends make participation in field archery a great social experience for all.

We have a structured coaching program to make sure you will be taught the correct way to do archery so you and your family can have years of enjoyment. Field archery gets the whole family out enjoying time together and having fun. There is also club, state, national and international competitions for those ready for the next level!

If you are looking for a healthy outdoor activity for you and your family then this is the sport and venue for you. Please check out our CONTACTS  page to find out more or pop along to one of our posted club shoots.
Our Club grounds are really taking shape.
Broadhead Tuning!
New Beginners are welcome. To arrange an appointment. please book  HERE
Saturday Club Shoot for members and probationary members starts at 1pm registration by 12:30pm
Accuracy is everything- This is a great video to help fine tune your bow so your broadheads will have field point accuracy.
Amazing Archer!
New ready to go!
Byron Ferguson, arguably the worlds most acurate longbow shooter. This guy is amazing... Check him out!!
Weeks of preparation have enabled the new target butts to be installed prior to the official ABA shoot!