Our Committee
  1. Shawn Mcghee
    Shawn’s passion for archery stems from love of traditional recurve shooting for the past 15 years. Shawn has been a proactive member of Peel Archers since its inception and helped get the club up and running from the beginning. More recently Shawn has taken to compound bows and has been quite successful in the competition space as well as pursuing his love of hunting. Shawn is dedicated to the continued growth of the club and welcomes anyone with an interest in archery to come down and give it a go.
    Shawn Mcghee
  2. Leisa Nesbitt
    Over the past 6 years Leisa has been working tirelessly behind the scenes and has been a driving force to keep Peel Archers up and running. Her passion for archery stems from her husband being an avid archer and wanting to share his sport with the family. Leisa’s bow of choice is a Diamond Infinite edge, a great bow to shoot, and in her favourite colour "Pink Camo", Leisa is looking forward to seeing the club grow in size this year, and hopes to introduce more people to our sport and learn more about the bowhunting side.
    Leisa Nesbitt
  3. Ruth Damstra
    Ruth has developed a love for field archery in recent years, and in particular loves the fact that she can enjoy quality time with the family outdoors. Whilst her kids are quite successful in the competition side of things, Ruth admits it’s the social side she enjoys the most. Ruth is proud to be part of a club that caters for all types of archers, from those that are fiercely competitive shooting in the IFFA, 3D and ABA shoots to those that hunt and use the club to fine tune their skill to those that just love the social and recreational side of things. Peel Archers cater for it all.
    Ruth Damstra
  4. Everett Young
    Everett a proud and loyal Hoyt shooter, is a dedicated Archer with more than thirty years experience in hunting and field archery. Everett enjoys the exercise that our courses provide and is passionate about developing advanced field and bow hunting courses that will challenge not only himself but everyone involved at Peel Archery. Everett’s wife and son participate in field archery and his daughter partakes in bow hunting. Everett is keen to see our club evolve and have the most advanced courses in WA.
    Everett Young
    Range Officer
  5. Ken Gosper
    Ken has been active in field archery and the ABA for around 35 years, he enjoys the family aspect of the sport as well as the hunting and competition side of things. Ken is passionate about growing the club and ensuring new members have a great experience. Ken loves nothing more than to break up his hectic week with a casual stroll through the clubs excellent bush field course socialising and shooting with other interesting club members.
    Ken Gosper
    Field Representative
  6. Jarrod
    Bowhunter Instructor
  7. Cam Van Veen
    Cam Van Veen
    Club Coach
  8. Scott Hooton
    Scotty is the Club's very own Minister for Fund-raising and Public Relations, Always keeping our Facebook Page up to date with the latest gossip and always with an eye out for things to support our club, you will catch Scotty most Saturdays with a smile and warm welcome. Scott is passionate to share his Archery with his family and loves to ensure his wife has the latest and best equipment. 260fps.com.au
    Scott Hooton
    Fundraising and Public Relations Officer
  9. Luke Hebb
    Luke Hebb
    Vice President